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SONGWRITER:  Leiber-Stoller
COMMENTS: Elvis was sure feeling his oats in this time period from "Heartbreak Hotel" to his army induction.  Everything he touched turned to gold, literally (commercially) and artistically.  He had an almost supernatural presence.  It's almost like he was a Jesus, able to work miracles.

Really this isn't the greatest song in the world.  It's pretty good.  It has some good hooks, and a nice faux primitive lyrical metaphor for this little kiss off.  It is otherwise, however, a somewhat generic blues melody, not the greatest these guys ever wrote. 

It didn't quite require a miracle, but it is definitely Presley who put this song on the list.  This is also the ultimate answer to every asshole who ever went off about Elvis supposedly ripping off black music.  He took a blues song, and made it rock and roll.  Check out that simple but undeniable burst of drums that ends the chorus.  In terms of both emotional and physical intensity, he took the original recording by some obscure old black chick and absolutely ripped it to itty bitty freakin' shreds. 

Sorry if I offend with the description of what's her name, but Elvis makes me forget her name.  And there's some African Americans who need to quit disrespecting Elvis.  He was never shitty with you.  It's not much fun when it comes back to ya, is it?  "You ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine."

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