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COMMENTS: Frank Zappa was known as a master cynic. The real truth was more like that he was an idealist with a protective coating of cynicism. Any way you look at it, he was not one to suffer fools gladly. He was clearly the greatest inside critic of all things countercultural; and as the biggest freak in the west coast rock scene in the late 60's, he saw it all first hand.


This song is narrated by Zappa in his tough guy biker personnae, my favorite. He is beset by some New Age charlatan with a crystal ball who wants to offer his services to solve Mr. Z's problems - in exchange for his regular fee, of course. By the end of the song Frank has turned the tables, hypnotizing the guy with his own mumbo jumbo. He robs the guy, and proceeds to tell his (mis)fortune. "The price of meat has just gone up, and your old lady has just gone down."


Musically, he lays out the story in his best slow, low-pitched blues speech singing, punctuated by the hot female vocal group delivering the chorus. This song also features one of Frank's best stinging guitar solos. Tough minded, tough rockin'.


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