Peter Case started out in the 1970s working in different rock and roll groups, notably the Plimsouls.  Never made any big impression on very many people.

As a solo artist, however, he blossomed as one of the greatest songwriters of his generation.  Starting with the eponymous Peter Case album in 1986, he came out as an itinerant folk singing troubador. He was just hitting his stride as a composer, and this style brought to the fore a really strong narrative lyrical gift.  Indeed, on this and the follow up Blue Guitar album, he emerged as the perhaps the best musical storyteller since Tom T Hall.

He was also proud to stand next to Bob Dylan among the losing nominees for a Grammy in 2002, both shut out by the O Brother Where Art Thou phenomenon.

Not that he's ever sold any damned records, but if you're any kind of fan of acoustic or roots music and don't own some Peter Case records, you are just flat missing out.

Among the great songs you would be missing are

Put Down the Gun

The Wonderful 99

Walk in the Woods

Crooked Mile

Small Town Spree

Beyond the Blues

Travelin' Light

Rise and Shine

Ice Water

Two Angels


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