SONG TITLE: WALK IN THE WOODS                  
COMMENTS: Memories can't wait. This song tells the tale of a couple who took a walk "through a patch of four leaf clover that vanished in thin air.  They took a walk in the woods and they never came back."

Actually, it's the story of the townspeople's multiple reactions and recriminations and social uproar.  The harmonica bays like the wail of the bloodhounds out searching for the missing teenagers.  In fact, it is finally revealed that the narrator has been reminiscing about a 15 year old story which concluded with the narrator himself taking that same walk to escape from all the rebounding social recriminations.

The song itself is so catchy, dramatic and purposeful that you might not notice that Mr. Case is accompanied only by his own acoustic rhythm guitar and harmonica.  There is a distinct urgency in this performance; there is a sense that the singer needs to get this off his chest.   When a song sounds this compelling in this simple an arrangement, then you know you are dealing with a truly outstanding song. 



Holla Back!

Peter Case

Music Sustains the Soul

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