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The Millionaire (1931)

Preparing to shoot The Public Enemy, Ed Woods had been signed to star as Tom Powers, and little known James Cagney had been signed to be his partner Matt Doyle.  In the meantime, Cagney filmed a supporting role in the George Arliss film about a millionaire retired for health reasons.  Cagney played Schofield, an insurance agent who convinced him that he needed to work in order to stay healthy.  

By the perception of the time, Cagney stole the movie. It was the kind of breakout performance that got people's attention, including the studio.  When this movie broke, it became obvious to the studio that Cagney had to be the star of The Public Enemy.  His and Woods roles were reversed, and a star was born.

Here are a few shots of Cagney in The Millionaire.













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