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Here are some actors, movies and tv shows that Al Barger digs, and some attempt at explaining why- plus lots of pictures.

24   Jack Bauer RULEZ!

Eddie Murphy in 48 Hrs48 Hours  Eddie Murphy in Torchy's redneck bar

Alice's Restaurant  (1969 Arlo Guthrie movie)

An All-Colored Vaudeville Show  (1935) Free movie download, starring the Nicholas Brothers

Anna and the King of Siam   (1946 w/Rex Harrison)

Arrested Development  Season 3/Series finale (2006)  Bluths deserve Bin Laden 

The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack (2000 documentary of folksinger Ramblin' Jack Elliott)

Barbershop Photo Gallery (2002) Highlighting the controversial wit and wisdom of Eddie the Barber

Blazing Saddles   (1974) 

Uncle Ruckus loves Jim CrowThe Boondocks

Bernie Mac

Beverly Hillbillies

Beverly Hills Cop   (1984)

Bewitched (1964)

Bob Roberts  (Tim Robbins 1992 masterpiece)

Bringing Down the House   (2003)

The Candidate (with Robert Redford) (1972)

Carrie (1976)

Charles Manson Superstar  (1989)

The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941 film version)

Drawn Together  (2004)

Le Fils (The Son)  (2002)

Finian's Rainbow  (1968 film version)

Freaks (1932) Picture essay of the famous wedding feast

Freeway  Starring Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland  (1996) Freeway Photo Gallery

Fu Manchu the Sax Rohmer novels and the 1932 Boris Karloff movie

The Great Dictator (1940)  Charlie Chaplin's heroic failure

Harlem Nights   (1989) Richard Pryor's best movie role

Hee Haw

History Channel/A&E documentaries The Presidents, Mysteries of the Bible, The UniverseErnie Kovacs

Kill Bill Volumes I & II (2003/2004)

Ernie Kovacs

Lil' Bush (2007)

Looney Tunes  

Marx Brothers

A Mighty Wind   (2003)


Monty Python

Murder in Coweta County

Night of the Hunter (1941) with Robert MitchumJohn Cleese and the immortal dead parrot from Monty Python's Flying Circus

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

One Hour Photo   (2002)

Other People's Money  (1991 film version)

The Passion of the Christ   (2004)

Mary Poppins   (1964)

The Public Enemy

Pulp Fiction

Quills (2000)

Reefer Madness  (1936 / 2005 Showtime musical)

Roger Rabbit

Rufus Jones for President (1933)  all black musical starring Ethel Waters and 7 year old Sammy Davis -Free movie download

Saturday Night Live

The Seventh Seal  (1957)Fats Waller and Ada Brown in Stormy Weather, 1943 image

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band   (1978 w/Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees)

The Shield This original dramatic series has won numerous awards, and built an audience and a rep for the entire FX Network.  It is the greatest cop show in the history of the television medium.

Phil Silvers

The Simpsons

Song of the South (1946)

South Park  It's Schoolhouse Rock with cussing

Stormy Weather (1943)

Team America   (2004)


TV Funhouse

Walk the Line The Johnny Cash biopic  (2005)

WALL-E The wicked scare tactics of a cute robot (2008)



Robin Williams

Nicholas Brothers

Susan Strasberg

Stanley Kubrick

Clint Eastwood Photo Gallery

Richard Pryor photoRichard Pryor Photo Gallery

Reese Witherspoon Photo Gallery

Peter Lorre Photo Gallery

Lucille Ball Photo Gallery

Joaquin Phoenix Photo Gallery

Andy Griffith Photo Gallery

Jodie Foster Photo Gallery


Suckiest sitcoms ever

Best sitcoms ever

Greatest movie musicals

Greatest movie heroes

Best movie villains




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