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Looking for captures of Phil Hartman, I was particularly struck by this November 1987 SNL sketch featuring host Candice Bergen, then age 41.  The sketch cast Bergen as the ill-fated English queen Anne Boleyn, negotiating with the king's representative the terms of her execution.  They got some good vintage grisly SNL larfs out of excruciatingly detailed discussions of the various possible desecrations of her corpse, and ended up with some simple cute grotesquery during the actual execution.

Which is all well and fine, but what really caught my attention now was simply the pure beautiful physical appearance of prime Candice Bergen.  Comediennes generally are rated for being funny, and don't get proper credit as babes.  Indeed, that animating comedic spirit of the woman is perhaps a rarer and more important thing to appreciate about Ms Bergen.

But I'm just saying that she was pretty HOT, and this particular bit of costuming and presentation really brings that out nicely.   Picture 4 finds a striking comedic facial gesture, but look at pics 2, 5, and 6 in particular.  She's a pretty fair physical specimen, but she also has the force of personality to wear those queenly robes.

In short, I'm not taking any profound artistic point from this or anything.  I'm just saying that Candice Bergen has never gotten proper full credit for being truly babe-a-licious. 

Saturday Night Live 1987


Candice Bergen on Saturday Night Live, 1987 picture


Phil Hartman, 1987 image


Candice Bergen makes a funny face on SNL


Phil Hartman and Candice Bergen, 1987 SNL image


Candice Bergen on Saturday Night Live, 1987 picture


Don't lose your head, Candice Bergen


Candice Bergen on Saturday Night Live, 1987 picture


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