Oh God, how I hate the Dixie Chicks.  Hate them, I tell you.  That Natalie Maines really cheesed me off with her dumb Bush comments.  I'm proud to have been the first one to cuss her out on the internet.  I started it.  The whole Dixie Chicks backlash- that was Al Barger's doing.  Yes it was. But I could overlook her pinko claptrap if their music was good.  

The really offensive thing about the Dixie Chicks is their pre-processed country cheese food product that they serve up as music.  YUCK.  I swear by the ghost of Jimmie Rodgers, they could have a picture of the Dixie Chicks as the textbook illustration for "corporate tool."

On top of which, Natalie won't return my calls.  You tell me, how are we supposed to work out our relationship if she won't even talk to me?  Lines get blurry.  And here she is playing hard to get.  That's just wrong, making me fall in love like that and then not giving me any.

Which leaves me sitting here listening to KD Lang, and looking at these pictures of Natalie and the rest of the Chicks past and present, and trying to understand where we went wrong.  Anyone got any ideas?

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