Letters, I get letters.  Here's some Dixie Chicks feedback.  Got something to say to ol' Al about his Dixie Chicks pages?  Drop me a line,  If'n you wants to give me what for, that's cool.  I no doubt deserve it.  For publication purposes here though, I would prefer if you could at least as much as refrain from any variation of the F-word.  

June 4, 2006  SHAWVALPARAISO  at  aol dot com  wrote:

Subject:  Dumb Ass

What a complete and utter moron you are.
Firstly, the Dixie Chicks are magnificent songwriters and performers.  Their songs are touching, thoughtful and well-played.
And I don't even care about their politics.
But for a feeble-minded nincompoop like yourself, once their politics conflict with yours, the idea of freedom of _expression goes out the window.
You would have been the first in line thrusting your right hand into the air when your hero, Adolph Hitler, came to power in the 30s.


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