Bette Jones is the 2014 Republican candidate for Fayette County Indiana prosecutor.  She is currently chief deputy prosecutor.  She has been in this office for years.  In this job, she has repeatedly and routinely engaged in false and malicious, horribly abusive prosecutions and persecutions many of them in collusion with her close associate, the disgraced officer Jason Richardson.  Bette Jones is a bad person who absolutely should not be in any position of authority.


Speaking only of cases of which I have personal knowledge, I know of several innocent poor parents whom she has maliciously prosecuted.  Despite not actually having done anything wrong, she nonetheless routinely coerces guilty pleas to fabricated charges under threat of taking children, for starters.  I dont have words to express how bad and wicked this is.


I would obviously prefer not to drag my friends woes through this public square, so Ill just mostly detail my own minor prosecution for an example.  Detective Richardson was conjuring up a bogus drug prosecution for one of those women he was always stalking and harassing.  This was based on absolutely nothing (no drugs) but one obviously bogus and fabricated story he coached out of a reprobate teenager.  


I wrote a flyer calling out the teenager for these lies, and saying publicly that I was ashamed of him.  Bette Jones signed off on charges to have me arrested for supposed intimidation and harassment.  For one thing, this meant that under discovery I got to actually listen to the 40ish minute interrogation of this teenager by Richardson.  No vaguely honest person could listen to that recording and NOT get that it was Jason Richardson coaxing out a patently ridiculous story that he wanted to hear. 


Then there was the other very disturbing interrogation I heard in evidence of this where Jason Richardson purely intimidated a sickly young mother into lying to him, on pain of immediate arrest and sending the minions of the child welfare industrial complex out to kidnap her children and I mean right now today.  Richardson and his co-conspirator Bette Jones LOVE that tactic.  They should both be in prison for using it.


But those interviews the only evidence was plenty enough for Bette Jones not to prosecute Richardson but an innocent mother and me for daring to write a flyer saying that I was ashamed of a liar.  In some defense of that teenager, he appears to have been making those statements under duress and was threatened with jail for attempting to recant his lies.


In fact, even just her attempted prosecution of me was in any reasonable view harassment and intimidation under color of authority.  Bette Jones and Detective Richardson knew full well that they were making a bogus prosecution, and intimidating me for calling out the lie clearly constituted intentional obstruction of actual justice under color of authority.


I cant nor do not feel the need to explain the motivations for Bette Jones wickedness. The most likely obvious point would be that she just wants to rack up big conviction numbers, especially for any kind of child abuse, endangerment or neglect charges for when shes running for prosecutor. 


But I ask the voters of Fayette County to take any such numbers with a grain of salt.  How many of those crime stats were her stopping an actual criminal, and how many of those were simply Bette Jones and such co-horts as Jason Richardson throwing bogus charges on poor people who cannot afford actual lawyers to defend themselves against the widespread corruption of the Fayette County justice system?


Based on my personal knowledge and experience of her, I urge the voters of Fayette County NOT to vote for this malicious and corrupt prosecutor.  I dont know anything about her Democrat opponent but wed be better off just picking a random name out of the phone book than this bad person. 


Bette Jones tried to prosecute me for two years over the last flyer I put out, before finally simply dropping the charges despite me having spent by that time two years BEGGING the judge, lawyers and prosecution for the actual jury trial to which I was supposed to be entitled.  Hey, I dont have any children for her to threaten me with.  Lets see if she wants to take another bite at that apple with this flyer.


I apologize if you find my rhetoric here to be overly heated.  But the spirit moves me that what is required here is not just a dry legalistic argument, but frankly a moral rebuke to unfaithful public servants. You may contact me about this letter and related topics at or via Facebook.  Thank you for your attention to this important public matter.


Albert Barger  October 10, 2014





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