COMMENTS:  Lord knows that Ms. O'Connor is a big freak in ways large and small, philosophical and physical.  Here is a song about sexual submission so active it sounds like domination.  She suggests that she has such faith in her lover that she would jump in the river at his command.  Then she proceeds to fond sentimental remembrance of "the times we did it so hard there was blood on the wall."  Note that this is plural.

This is probably about the closest that she has ever come to standard guitar
rock.  The whole record is built on the throbbing bass, which is playing very
simple evenly timed changes making almost a rhythm drone.  The tempo is not
all that fast, but it sounds more rapid than it is when it is being run so bass heavy.  This also goes for the melody, which runs in her lower range, husky and metaphysically carnal.  She knows what she's doing, and she's keeping it slowed down to a tempo appropriate for a good painstaking mind fuck.  Sometimes that long drawn out perfectly controlled screech of guitar feedback that climaxes the song (right before the "blood on the walls" part) just about makes me cum down my leg.

Ultimately the song is about a relationship.   This may sound like an abrupt change from all the sexual content, but it is not.  Any idiot 2 Live Crew can talk about sexual mechanics, but it takes real talent to envision the whole vibe of a complex relationship and express it physically let alone musically.  There is a great deal of passion, sentiment and fierce devotion running through the words and the music.  She gets the physical passion, the emotional bonding, and keeps the rock guitars and hooks coming.

And you know she must be great in bed.


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