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MoreThings to listen to


We got some block rockin' beats in MP3, & out of print vintage stuff  you won't find anywhere else .

Moreover, each song is Al-certified righteous  and worth the time to download.

First of all, Alcasts -  Lonesome Al Barger's howlin' mad down home rightwing mp3 audio rants

Stew - The Negro Problem

The Big Game I'm right proud of this unique art-funk song that I commissioned from one of the very best professional pop songwriters in the business today. DOWNLOAD "THE BIG GAME";

From Stew's own website, here are two of the best songs of 2007:

Pastry Shop  An excellent melody informing a particularly good and understated anti-war sentiment

Black Men Ski An outstanding arty pop song

Robert Johnson

Download all 29 known songs of blues legend Robert Johnson

Walter Rimler

I'm Sorry  This exceptionally insincere apology for having a "breakdown" is the berries. Not to pigeonhole him, but Walt's got sort of a Tom Lehrer thing going on here- except that it's even better than most Tom Lehrer. It's just one damned catchy little tune.

He seems to be quite proud of the breakdown he's detailing. The part that kills me is the whip marks on the bust of Princess Grace. For starters, what kind of person would have such a thing in their home to begin with?


Geoff Reacher

You Like My Song  Broadly, the sound of this little known singer Geoff Reacher would most obviously be considered in the range of Beck.  However, I haven't heard any Beck song that impressed me as much as this little life's-too-short kiss off.  I would pick this as the #1 best new song of 2004. 


Neil Young (Have You Forgotten)  Dr BLT aka Bruce Thiessen wrote this song as an answer to Neil Young's "Let's Impeach the President."   It's actually a considerably better song than Neil Young's, politics aside. Read my review of Neil Young vs BLT

Rightwingers Need Love Too  This jokey little country song makes a gentle and very catchy, driving little rebuke to hateful left wing types.


Born Again Floozies

Highway to Hell - I first heard the Born Again Floozies play this song in Indianapolis June 2006 opening for the Asylum Street Spankers. They had just made some recordings with Steve Albini, including this groovy grinding midtempo guitar, tuba and tap dance arrangement of the AC/DC classic.  However, they couldn't put it on their Novelties, Addenda and Epehemera collection because they're being dicked around by AC/DC lawyer types.  

Being a bootlegger and all round outlaw, I decided to liberate this recording in the name of the proletariat.  After some breaking and entering and various other felonies, I got this recording, which I post absolutely without the permission of the band, much less AC/DC.  

Floozy Revival /Live it Up Now! - This is the first song on their debut EP Novelties, Addenda, and Ephemera. The vocal consists of excerpts from a vintage late 60s Jimmy Swaggart sermon.  Really, the song is not particularly a mockery of Swaggart, but a sincere examination and tribute to the pure musicality of Swaggart's performing art.  The Floozies made a good bed with their basic guitar/tuba/tap lineup, and Brother Joey edits in whole, unadulterated hunks of Swaggart.  He put so much melody into his sermons that a little editing and structure turns it into a perfectly viable song.  A fine decadent jam, and a tribute to a great American performer.

Driving by the Penitentiary - A nostalgic song of thanks for the rough correction of a maximum security prison

Patriotic Country Music

Here are some vintage patriotic country songs, mostly Vietnam War era and out of print. Some of the songs are funny and some are poignant, especially the ones about fighting in Vietnam.   Vietnam was an all inclusive resort of horror for soldiers and citizens on all sides that haunts the survivors all the way till they become senior citizens.

Americans, A Canadian's Opinion by Tex Ritter

Ballad of Two Brothers by Autry Inman

I'm No Communist by Granpa Jones   This fine catchy polemic was written by the same fellow what wrote the standard "Mountain Dew."  This song is way more interesting to me personally though.  It's a sympathetic contemporary 50s response to HUAC.  "I wish they'd take and put ME on the witness stand today.  I'd shout so loud ol' Stalin could hear me all the way."

Iraq and Roll by Clint Black from 2003  MY VINTAGE REVIEW

It's America (Love It or Leave It) by Ernest Tubb

The Minutemen Are Turning in Their Graves by Stonewall Jackson

Vietnam Blues by Dave Dudley (written by Kris Kristofferson)

Where Have All Our Heroes Gone? by Bill Anderson

Josie Cotton

Rabbit Hole  I gave Josie Cotton's 2006 album Movie Disaster Music a pretty good review a few months ago, but perhaps I still didn't give her due credit.  The whole album's pretty good, but I've definitely been falling down this "Rabbit Hole" pretty regularly now for some months.  It's really sticking with me.  The song has good melodic hooks, hard guitar drive, and just enough genuine angst and fear to give the hard pop a little edge.  Even the little bit of electronic gimmickry in the ending works, providing one more new musical thought to tie it off.  This sounds really good in a car CD mix- definitely a superior driving song.

Tom Fout

Hoosier Influence This song utterly lacks social significance or painful teenage angst.  It is, however, utterly abundant in exuberant  youthful abandon, and the spiritual transcendence of a joyous homecoming road trip.  Besides the dirty funk groove, Tom works up more actual melody than you have any right to expect from such a hard rocking piece of stone cold groovliciousness.  It has some particularly whoop-ass lead guitar. 

Good News Gospel

"Golden Gate Gospel Train" - Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet  1937

"Up Above My Head I Hear Music in the Air" - Sister Rosetta Tharpe  1947

"I'm Going to Live the Life I Sing About in My Songs" - Sister Ernestine Washington  1947

"He Took My Sins Away" - Birmingham Jubilee Singers  1926

"Get Away Jordan" - Mahalia Jackson  1949

"Noah" - Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet  1939

"Strange Things Happen Every Day" - Sister Rosetta Tharpe  1944

"Will the Circle Be Unbroken" - Silver Leaf Quartet 1930

"Don't Rock the Boat" - The Charioteers  1940

"Babylon's Fallen" - The Trumpeteers  1949

"Time's Winding Up" - The Dixieaires  1949

"I'm Praying Humble" - Mitchell's Christian Singers  1937

"Gideon and the Sword" - The Trumpeteers  1950

"Gabriel Blows His Horn" - Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet  1937

"I'm Leaning on the Lord" - Famous Blue Jay Singers  1932

"Every Knee Surely Will Bow" - The Dixie Hummingbirds  1946

"Amazing Grace" - The Dixie Hummingbirds 1946

"Don't You Want to Join That Number" - The Dixie Hummingbirds 1946

"Ezekiel Saw the Wheel" - The Dixie Hummingbirds 1947

"Just a Closer Walk with Thee" - The Dixie Hummingbirds 1947

"Book of the Seven Seas" - The Dixie Hummingbirds  1944

"I'm Standing on the Highway" - The Pilgrim Travelers  1948

"Have You Heard About the World" - Alphabetical Four  1940

"Jesus Gave Me Water" - The Five Blind Boys of Missisippi  1950

"Mother Bowed" - The Pilgrim Travelers  1948

"Walk in the Light" - Heavenly Gospel Singers  1936

"Take My Hand Precious Lord" - Mitchell's Christian Singers  1940

"King Jesus Knows I'm Coming" - Joshua White and His Carolinians  1940

"Where Shall I Be" - Stars of Harmony  1948

"Wonder Where Is That Gambling Man" - Norfolk Jubilee Quartet  1927

"I Dreamed of the Judgment Morning" - Dunham Jubilee Singers  1930

"Peace in the Valley" - The Soul Stirrers (including Sam Cooke)  1951


  Gospel A Cappella Groups

English Music Hall

The English music halls of the early 20th century would correspond approximately to American vaudeville of the same period. Some of this is pretty good music or comedy, some of it perhaps more interesting for providing a window on that historical period.  This stuff is also a substantial influence on rock era music through, most obviously, the Kinks and the Beatles.  "When I'm 64" is an obvious example, but also the tearjerking schmaltz of "She's Leaving Home."

The Grass Widower by Dan Leno 1901

Has Anybody Seen Our Cat? by Burt Shepard 1901

The Galloping Major by Stanley Kirkby 1901

Can't You Take My Word? by Harry Ford 1902

Mary Was a Housemaid by Buy Shepard 1902

Bill Bailey by Pete Hampton 1904

Funicula by George Formy 1908

The Taximeter Car by Billy Williams 1908

I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside by Mark Sheridan 1909

Boiled Beef and Carrots by Harry Champion 1910

Fall In and Follow Me by Albert Whelan 1910

Send for a Policeman by George Lashwood 1910

Don't You Think You've Overstepped the Margin? by Harry Ford 1910

Henry the Eight by Harry Champion 1911

King Ki Ki by Little Tich 1911

If You Should See a Dandy Coon by GH Elliott 1911

Casey Jones by Albert Whelan 1912

Does This Shop Stock Shot Locks with Spots? by George Graves 1912

Every Little Movement Has a Meaning of It's Own by Marie Lloyd 1912

MADAM by Arthur Lennard 1913

Daily Mirror, Front Page by Ernest Shand 1913

Waiting for Further Evidence by Frank Leo 1914

That Charlie Chaplin Walk by Nat D Ayer 1915

The Mormon Song by George Robey 1915

The Lads From Our Village by Lona Vevey 1917

Archibald, Certainly Not by George Robey 1920

The Laughing Policeman by Charles Penrose 1922

Things Are Worse in Russia by Sam Mayo 1922

Olga Petrovotski by Jay Laurier 1922

Ma by Olive Fox 1922

Wireless on the Brain by Ernie Mayne 1923

Yes We Have No Bananas by Alfred Lester

Show Me the Way to Go Home by Ella Shields 1925

Two Lovely Black Eyes by Charles Coborn 1929

Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? by Florrie Forde 1930

She Was Poor But She Was Honest by Billy Bennett 1930

Nellie Dean/After the Ball by Florrie Forde 1934

For Old Time Sake by Florrie Forde 1934 

The Weary Boys

Drink On It - The Weary Boys hail from Bakersfield territory, working out of Austin, Texas.  I probably significantly underestimated the staying power of their 2006 album Jumpin' Jolie when I rated it merely pretty good.  This album has really grown on me, and I could sing you back good parts of most of these tunes.  This is probably the best new country album I've heard in a couple of years.  Dig this cautious drinking ballad, one of the best songs of 2006.



Stringbean (1915 - 1973) was one of the greatest banjo pickers in recorded history, a top exemplar of the old-timey claw picking.  Among other things, he was an influential member of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys.  In his latter years, he was one of the original stars of Hee Haw.  I also picked one of his songs as the official theme song for this MoreThings domain.

Yet for all that, there appears not to be a single Stringbean album in print.  That's just wrong, so in the public educational interest, here are a few Stringbean songs:

"There'll Be Moonshine in Them Old Kentucky Hills"   Stringbean

"Give Me Back My Five Dollars"  (my favorite Stringbean)

"I'm the Man That Rode the Mule Around the World"  I'm particularly amused by the epistemology underlying this song.  The narrator offers to prove his claims by beating up anyone who doubts his wild stories.

"Liza Jane"

"Chewin' Chewing Gum"

"Run Little Rabbit"

"Bully of the Town"

"Stringbean and His Banjo"

"Barnyard Banjo Pickin'"

"Old Cumberland Gap"

"Mountain Dew"

"John Henry"

"Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy"

"Here, Rattler, Here"

"Pretty Little Widder"

"Tennessee Farmer"

"Banjo Pickin' Girl"

"How Many Biscuits Can You Eat?"

"Pretty Polly"

"Hey Old Man, Can You Play a Banjo?"


The Beatles

It ain't Christmas for a Beatle fan without these seven classic recordings.



Aaron McMullen

Blue From Black  Brother McMullen is a no-good Irish sonofabitch, famously known as Osama Bin Laden's homosexual lover.  In short, he's an old pal, so perhaps I'm giving him some benefit of sentiment. Still and all, the bastard came up with a nicely loping little catchy blues thing what is hard to beat.

Vincent Leeds

Friends  This hep cat runs a little recording studio in Bakersfield.  A lot of the stuff of his I've heard sounds Beatle derivative, most obviously this midtempo Pepper-y production.  Now, I'm not saying that this song will make you forget "With a Little Help From My Friends," but if Ringo recorded this song, it'd probably be the best thing he'd done in 30 years.

Ray Charles

"Questions" - This is from the 1980 album Brother Ray Is At It Again.  This album has apparently never been released on CD.  It came out at a low ebb of his popularity, and it's mostly not that good anyway.  But the last song was the only Ray Charles composition on the album, and a huge favorite of mine for years.  Wrote a story about it.

Bram Tchaikovsky

Bram Tchaikovsky was some kind of low level supergroup, in theory, with members of an old outfit called the Motors.  Don Kirschner's Rock Concerts played the heck out of a couple of cuts from their first album, Strange Man, Changed Man. "Girl of My Dreams" was a minor American hit, and then they were never heard from again. In truth, that was not a big loss.  I've had at least a couple of their follow-up albums, without a memorable tune amongst them. 

But that first album was really good.  They had a great English power pop sound, with cool double-lead vocals, strong hooks, and a tight attack.  This was contemporary to Cheap Trick at Budokan and Dream Police, for the closest stylistic comparison.  It's probably not quite up with the very best Cheap Trick, but it was excellent. I know it kicked my teenaged ass.  Besides the hit, "Lady From the USA" was just as good, and they did a particularly good version of "I'm a Believer."  There was a certain romanticism to stuff like "Sara Smiles" that the Trick couldn't touch.

After many years of looking for this on CD, I finally managed to get it converted from my vintage vinyl copy.  Enjoy.

Bram Tchaikovsky - Strange Man, Changed Man

Bram Tchaikovsky - Strange Man, Changed Man 1979

1 - "Strange Man, Changed Man / Lonely Dancer"

2 - "Robber"

3 - "Bloodline"

4 - "I'm the One That's Leaving"

5 - "Girl of My Dreams"

6 - "Nobody Knows"

7 - "Lady From the USA"

8 - "I'm a Believer"

9 - "Sara Smiles"

10 - "Turn on the Light"

  "Sarah Smiles"  rare single mix

Big Daddy

Big Daddy was a favorite of Dr Demento, going back to an early incarnation with "Hamster Love" in the 1970s, but they got more interesting coming into the 1990s with their big high concept.  Story was that they were a band from the 1950s captured by the Soviets and held prisoner for 25 years, released in the mid 1980s.  They went back to playing the hits of the day- but having missed out on the musical developments of the 1960s and 70s, they end up playing them "50s style."  

Thus, on their prime 1991 album Cutting Their Own Groove (with a cover picture of a compact disc being played on an old record player), "Welcome to the Jungle" comes out sounding like "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."  This stuff works a lot better in practice than what you might expect, cause these guys got skillz.  Besides being some good jams, these recordings will give you new perspective on the songs.  For one thing, it turns out that "Ice Ice Baby" is a perfectly good Chuck Berry car song.   

I bet I bought and gave away several dozen copies of this cutout CD at Best Buy over a years time a dozen years back.  But now it's out of print entirely, and fetching collector's prices for used copies.  So, in the interest of public education, here's the album:

Big Daddy - Cutting Their Own Groove

Big Daddy - Cutting Their Own Groove

1.  Greatest Love of All
2.  Like a Virgin
3.  Graceland
4.  Once in a Lifetime
5.  Living Years
6.  Money for Nothing
7.  Hold On
8.  Ice Ice Baby
9.  Welcome to the Jungle
10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
11. Born to Run
12. Memory
13. I Want Your Sex
14. Nothing Compares 2 U
15. Help Me Make It Through the Night

Big Daddy also did an album of song-for-song 50s remakes of Sgt Pepper

Link Wray with Mike Hendrix

Link Wray was quite the big name among guitar pickers.  No less than Pete Townshend credits Wray as the reason he picked up a guitar.  Here are some recordings from a 1998 live show where he was being backed up by blog buddy and all round rock and roll no-goodnik Mike Hendrix.  Here's you some fine slammin' guitar playing.  Personally, I've gotten some good mileage cruising the highways with this recording of "Rawhide" blasting away.  



Run Chicken Run


Ego Plum Orchestra

Introduction to The Rat King  Mr Plum runs an outfit somewhere more in the range of classical music than anything like commercial pop music, but then he uses electric guitars and such.  This might be classified as being somewhat philosophically related to the avant end of Frank Zappa, but sounds nothing like him.  The Rat King follows some kind of damned concept, but I haven't quite felt motivated to ferret out some storyline.  I like this album pretty much, but I'd have to be really dedicated to decipher and try to connect all that.  This instrumental introduction will give you a good idea of the flavor of this record.  After a couple of listens, this started seeming really catchy in all kinds of little weird ways.


Damaged Goods Comedy Shop

Their page here at morethings

John McCain's Free Speech Zone - You want to say something against me or BCRA?  Listen, punk, you'll speak when you're spoken to.

Sexual Harassment 101: Chicks with Problems - Sit in on this practical how-to class in the Department of Men's Studies, taught by professor Reginald "Red" Rover, PhD, as he discusses the thorny issue of "chicks with problems." 

Busybodies Dog Food - [A word from our sponsor] What the heck can you do with people who won't mind their own business?

Mrs Jones Fellates the Microphone - A parody of the ridiculous Nike commercials 

Pre-Born Meets the One-Eyed Monster - Even child prostitution beats being aborted. As Pre-Born puts it "Being a baby hooker sure beats being a 'choice'" 

Pre-Born Gets Therapy -  The choice has some abandonment issues to work out. Hilarious!





Feel free to download any of these songs, and pass them amongst your friends, but all copyrights in the songs and recordings that may apply are of course reserved by the artists.

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