COMMENTS: Of all the psychodramas Sinead ever came up with, this is about the most psycho of them all. The lyrics describe the narrator overcome with grief "for the girl that I loved as a child." She sneaks out every night to lay for hours at her side. It sounds like some tragic lesbian romance, though apparently never consummated. "Thanks be to Jesus we did what was right, and your maidenhead still is your pillar of light." What the hell is the deal?


The deal is one highly radical dance track. If you have some deep anguish in your soul looking for expression in dance, this would be an excellent soundtrack. It is built on a sample of James Brown's "Funky Drummer." This is one of the most commonly sampled tracks ever, but this girl really lays down some uncommonly freaky stuff on top of it. You'd sure never confuse this for a James Brown record after she got hold of it. Her co-writer came up with an outstanding new but seemingly ancient Gaelic melody, sounding like half speed to the drum sample yet quite rhythmic in its own right. This tune is why this record is here rather than "Funky Drummer." It was a great groove waiting for a song.


It is the combination of seeming old country ghosts rising out of the ultra-modern dance and technology that ultimately makes this so special. Also to that end, gotta give a shout out to Steve Wickham for the Irish fiddle playing at the finish. There are very few people who live fully enough in both worlds to make such a combination work. Only Sinead could have made this record work. It is a lasting monument to her unique genius.



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