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Voices I Hear in My Head  including Daddy Ayn and Mommy RAW

Ptolemy, Manbearpig, Global Warming and Epistemological Humility

Priests, thugs, and eight circuit mammalian biology


Robert Anton Wilson - his official site

Guns and Dope Party  Robert Anton Wilson's political party, advocating drugs, guns and equal rights for ostriches

RAW's introduction to the Principia Discordia, which was written by some fans of the Illuminatus! books in which Wilson had made up quotes from a non-existent treatise.  Or that's what he said some days.  Lying bastard had a different story every time he told it.  Any way you slice it, Robert Anton Wilson was the inspiration and patron saint for Bob and the whole Church of the Subgenius stuff.

De-oxy  Major RAW stash



2005 23 Questions with Robert Anton Wilson
2005 Russian magazine interview
2004 On Iraqi Prisoner Abuse w/audio 
2004 Hang the Tsar!
2004 The Maybe Quarterly Interview
2003 An Incorrigible Optimist w/audio 
2003 President Hannibal Lector
            & the Thing That Ate the Constitution

2003 Paul Krassner Interview
2003 In the RAW
2003 Maybe Logic
2002 Necessary Heresies
2002 Menace or medicine?
2001 Utopia USA
2001 POT-TV Burning Shiva
2001 Speaks With The TVI Times
2000 Speculates On Government
2000 Current Events and Activism
2000 DangerMedia Innerview at DragonCon
1999 RAW Power
1999 Is There Reason For Optimism?
1999 Conspiracies, altered states, and E.Ts.
1999 Booklist Interview
1999 DOUBT! The Gnosis Interview
1999 Alles unter Kontrolle?
1998 Nature of Conspiracies
1997 Infinity Factory [2
    Part1: stream audio or video
    Part2: stream audio or video
1997 The F Stops Here
1997 High Strangeness at Omni
1997 Paradigm Shift
1996 Nardwuar vs. RAW w/audio 
1995 Playing Kickball With Chaos
1995 in the raw: necessary heresies
1995 A rainy day in March
1995 Dr. Dynasoar Interviews
1995 RAW Circuits: Surviving
1994 Chromosome Damage
1994 The Death Interviews
1992 Zen In The Art Of Close Encounters
1992 Off the Beaten Path
1991 ESTWeb Interview
1990 The ROC Interview
1990 KBOO-FM Interview
1990 The Nature of Reality w/audio 
1989 Firing the Cosmic Trigger
1988 Aquaboy Interview
1988 Man Bites Dogma
1988 KFJC, 89.7 FM Los Altos
1986 Compuserve Conference
1984 Notes from the Pop Underground
1980 Man with the Cosmic Triggerfinger
1980 Searching For Cosmic Intelligence
1980 High Times
1976 Weird Trips #2
1976 Science Fiction Review #17





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