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Manbearpig is gonna get you!



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Ptolemy, Manbearpig, Global Warming and Epistemological Humility   

Script of episode 1006, "Manbearpig"

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Former Vice-President Al Gore dreamed up the imaginary monster Manbearpig in South Park episode 1006 in the tenth season, so that he could at least imagine that he's a great hero for saving us from certain destruction.  Note the image below of Al Gore wearing a cape and pretending to fly.  Naturally, his cheap fourth-circuit moral masturbation  resulted in death and destruction in South Park - as such things tend to do in the real world.

He certainly looked like a jerk there, but that was nothing compared to what he did in the eleventh season Imaginationland trilogy.  The imaginary Manbearpig was released from his bonds by terrorists along with every other evil imaginary character ever created - Freddy Krueger and Jason. Our evil imaginations were running wild, and the government was trying to keep a lid on it.  But Al Gore insisted on taking it public, and eventually absolutely nuked Imaginationland.  There's a lot of competition for the title, but arguably this makes Al Gore the biggest (and most contemptible) asshole in South Park - much like Al Gore in the real world.

Manbearpig in Imaginationland - half man, half bear, and half pig

Manbearpig in Imaginationland


raising Manbearpig awareness


Al Gore IS manbearpig


Al Gore is raising Manbearpig awareness


Superhero Al Gore with his cape and Nobel Prize "flying"


Man bear pig in full effect in Imaginationland



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