On Hal and Madge's Problem

1955  Picnic

The Thug's Ma sez:  One of the points of the movie from my standpoint is -- Hal and Madge's problem was NOT that they were beautiful -- but that they were being seen and desired for surface qualities only. This is true for all the other characters, including Rosemary, Howard, Milly and Alan.
Hal and Madge found security in each other to be themselves and drop the ruse.
Both Alan's father and Madge's mother didn't fully appreciate their kids for who they were or pushed them to be something else. Alan would never be Hal -- and as Alan said, his dad liked people who won beauty pagents or scored touchdowns.
Even Milly covered up herself behind her glasses, blue jeans and books. But she seemed geared to become the one most self-actualized.
The only honest character seemed to be Mrs. Potts, and that's probably because she's so damned old there's no need for pretense.
Part of the situation is each character's own fault, because out of a need to fit in/insecurity/other gain -- they cultivated and made prominent those parts of themselves that people judged/misjudged them by. So part of the message is to cultivate yourself FOR yourself -- not for what others want you to be.
This is a very Ayn Rand movie. Be yourself. Do what makes you happy. Don't worry what other people think of you. Don't be a second hander.

Kim Novak and William Holden as Madge Owens and Hal Carter in Picnic, 1955 image


William Holden is playing with fire


studly shirtless William Holden


suddenly self-conscious William Holden covers his nakedness with a basketball


Madge Owens and Hal Carter dancing


Kim Novak, 1955 image



Kim Novak kissing William Holden



Kim Novak and William Holden, 1955 image



William Holden feels patient


Kim Novak and William Holden - Picnic wallpaper


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