Season 4, Episode 10 "Back in the Hole"  

Air date:  5-24-05

This special 90 minute episode may be the best of the season so far- despite a distinct lack of "action."  There just isn't much here in the way of shooting, car chases, Vic torturing perps, or even a good fistfight.  Instead, we got mostly dialogue and nuanced conflict.

Most notably, Captain Rawling and Antwon got some quality time in the interrogation room.  Glenn Close's Captain Rawling character has gotten most of the ink, but Anthony Anderson's murdering faux Malcolm X turn as Antwon Mitchell has been just as dramatically effective.

However, the plotline has not put the two characters together much.  Tonight they had some lovely sparks as Mitchell's storyline came to a head.  Rawling went into total BITCH mode- which this guy obviously richly deserved.  By way of breaking him, she started with some lovely surveillance photos of his son being (voluntarily) sodomized in jail.  Then she went into his childhood, telling the tale of young Antwon hiding under the sheets as his evil father raped baby sister night after night, too scared to try to help her.  Will he now similarly fail his son?

For his part, Antwon came back to take Captain Rawling down a notch, telling the dirt on her late lover- the cop who had put him away for 13 years.  That this guy had been involved with Rawling was news to us.  Apparently, this cop ended up planting the drugs on Antwon that got him sent away.  BAD COP- notwithstanding that Antwon was a dope dealer who had murdered at least several people.

Later, confronted with the surveillance video of him soliciting Shane to murder Vic, Antwon knew he was toast.  You could see him falling back to his jailhouse mindset, starting with his claim that he had everything in prison that he could get on the outside- so he's not really giving anything up.

Which led up to him signing a confession to murdering young Angie, and soliciting a hit on Vic.  As Vic noted, he really didn't put up much of a fight.  I kept expecting another shoe to drop, but he's already sent an anonymous tip to find Angie's body.  What more could he really do at this point?  That seems to have been his big chip- and it didn't do him a bit of good.  

He picked up one fairly dumb point of consolation to take with him.  In his first couple of appearances, he looked like someone with some vision and substance- at least relative to dope dealers.  However, by the time Captain Rawling got done working on him, he was happy to take consolation for the rest of his life in prison simply from knowing but not telling who killed poor Carl and Scooby- and of course in having told Vic and Shane this.





We seem to have, hopefully, reached a conclusion with Aceveda's drawn out post-rape trauma foolishness.  After a long day volunteering as a humble uni after the cop murders detailed last week, he went straight to some cheap motel and called his hooker.  She found it necessary to re-iterate their rules of engagement, no drawing blood or pulling hair out, etc.

Aceveda responds by going straight into freakout mode, re-enacting his rape.  He put his gun to her head, and gave her what to viewers would be the infamous "cell bitch" quote. 

She quickly pushed him away, and broke the play.  Catching her breath, she also caught the point.  "Did someone do this to you?"  Accepting his non-denial, she immediately started trying to re-assure him that he's not like those guys because she knew he'd never pull the trigger.

Aceveda kind of snapped out of it, that nasty funk that he's been indulging in for a year.  He was done with the hooker, and anxious to get home to wifey and daughter.

Yet he made time for the effort to be hateful to Miss Sarah, despite her magnanimity after being assaulted at gunpoint.  He's a prick above and beyond the call of duty.

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