Season 4, Episode 12 "Judas Priest"  

Air date:  6-7-05

Jebus Criminy, but Lord Aceveda has turned into Darth David.  Aceveda really went over to the dark side tonight like never before.  In short, he brokered a deal for Antwon to walk after killing two cops and admitting to assassinating an innocent 14 year old girl- in exchange for murdering an inmate set to humiliate him in open court.  That would be Juan, the banger who raped him last season.  

Naturally, it wasn't stated just exactly like that.  The federal Justice Department wants him to inform on his El Salvadoran drug connections.  Then as he's leaving his late night visit to Antwon in jail, it would be a good faith show of being a "team player" if he could convince this inmate to miss his court date.

The more times you watch this exchange, the more evil Aceveda looks.  

Note that he's doing this despite clear evidence that Juan does not in fact have the photo that would prove the story.  Aceveda recognized and explicitly stated this when he caught Juan's girlfriend wired, trying to get him to admit that such a photo exists.  You obviously wouldn't need such audio if you had the "Kodak moment," as Juan once described it.


We got the explanation tonight from Antwon's college boy brother about how officers Carl and Scooby got killed.  It's a classic example of why Those Who Know will tell you that The Shield is the greatest cop show in television history.  The reasons were the smaller things that had been guessed at before, plus some other bigger stuff all mixed in one ugly brew.

For starters, Antwon wants to get in good with the Russian mob, which is considered a major world influence in the drug trade.  The Russian mob has beef with the LA cops over having busted their big LA guy Kasarov earlier this season.

Absolutely killing a couple of cops for them thus was conceived as a bonding ritual between Antwon and the Russian mafia, as Vic put it "an oath in blood."  That should have been the episode title, I says.

A local Russian, Trechniak,  picked out Carl and his partner specifically to be the targets because Carl had arrested him over some petty traffic violation months ago, thus explaining that connection the cops had made last week.  If they were going to kill a couple of cops, might as well be this guy.

Likewise, Antwon worked in his own extra credit dig by having their bodies dumped into a house recently seized under Rawling's asset forfeiture push.  This angle was the most immediately obvious to the cops when first the bodies were discovered a couple of weeks ago.







It warms one's heart to see Dutch standing up for himself.  Also, Billings badly needed the ass whipping that Dutch laid on him.  After Dutch covered for his dumb ass just last week, Billings not only wasn't helping Dutch stop the harassment he was getting in the Barn.  He was, as Dutch aptly interpreted it, "piling on."  To his credit though, Billings put up more resistance than you might have predicted.  He actually made Dutch work for it a little, and he tore Dutch up a little, too.

Hell, he was ready to tangle asses with Vic right their, Vic being his main instigator here in the first place. That involves either balls or stupidity (which Dutch could never be accused of).  Generally, you would expect that bad, bad Vic Leroy-Brown Mackey would just beat hell out of geeky Dutch.  However, the baddest cop in the whole damned town might be surprised what a crazed Dutch Wagenbach could do to you.

In any case, it took Lem and Shane to hold Dutch off of Vic- and Claudette's late arrival to play spoil sport, reminding them that they have two dead brethren.  What a killjoy.  Her petty sense of righteousness grows old quickly.  Perhaps the men need this momentary distraction from thinking about killers.  A little harmless fisticuffs amongst the troops might help let off some tensions and frustrations.


The altercation in the parking lot was fun in itself, and provided a bit of action amidst the dialogue, but it was all really just good setup for Dutch's meeting with Corrine, nominally to get his belongings now that she's dumped him.  He shows up looking beat to hell, explaining that his mistakes with her had stemmed from being afraid.  He's not afraid anymore, see, 

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