In the beginning, Bruce Springsteen was good, really good.  His first four or five albums were soulful and inventive, experimenting with new sounds and rhythms.  Greetings from Asbury Park in particular is one of the great albums of the rock era.

By The River, however, it was coming apart.  The songs weren't as good.  More particularly, the melodies were becoming less catchy and less well developed.  The rhythms and passion and color were ebbing.  The muse was leaving him.

Worse, as the muse left he began filling in the void with cheap politically correct liberal nonsense.  This lowest common denominator approach resulted in his most popular work, the pedestrian Born in the USA album.  What kind of LOSER wants to listen to "Glory Days"?  Answer: there were 15 million losers lining up.  It's was all downhill from there.

Wait, late breaking news, 2006:  Springsteen has made a real record!: 

We Shall Overcome:  The Seeger Sessions   Totally righteous!!!  Almost all is forgiven!


Blinded by the Light

Lost in the Flood

Spare Parts

The Rising: Springsteen's ultimate exploit-a-thon       A reader defends the album

Bruce Springsteen, the ultimate in corporate rock

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Holla Back!

Bruce Springsteen

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