Where's Al?


As we all know, the WHERE'S WALLY? (Where's Waldo? for you Americans) phenomenon has become... well, phenomenal, in recent years, not to mention months and weeks. Looking for that bespectacled chappie amid millions of faces has provided children the world over with minutes of entertainment - at which point most of the little bastards got so fed up trying to find the bespectacled sonofabitch that they gave up and played GRAND THEFT AUTO 14: SNUFF ORGY on their computers.
But now, by way of homage, it would seem, a new character is hiding in pictures and entertaining the bejeesus out of - oh, dozens of disaffected kids who were looking for a much better high, but didn't have enough pocket money to buy smack or coke.  Yes, to cut through all this bullshit, you know by now what - or rather WHO - I'm referring to. Yup, that pesky bearded (but not bespectacled) subversive, Al "Bearded Subversive" Barger is fast overtaking Wally in popularity as literally thousands of volumes of THE "WHERE'S AL?" BUMPER BOOK slide through check-out aisles worldwide (well, in certain underprivileged areas of Kentucky, anyway).
Thankfully, the massively intricate WHERE'S WALLY? illustrations have been replaced by a more winning formula - simple but sublime. Our face-fungus-adorned friend "hides out" on album covers and famous photographs! Couldn't be more elementary, my dear Barger!
So here's a few shining examples of the WHERE'S AL? phenomenon, to keep you looking for at least three seconds. Enjoy, my dear Al addicts!!!

Al Barger on the Sgt Pepper cover


When Lee Harvey Oswald got shot, you knew Al Barger was somewhere close


Al Barger is a Reservoir Dog


Al Barger attends a Nixon rally




Al Barger is a badass



Holla Back!

Gary Roberts

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