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Artist description
Gotta tell you, we're pretty messed up - damaged goods. We have ISSUES. Or as Pre-Born says "Yeah, I got issues - with the medical usage of my TISSUES."
Music Style
Comedy. We say funny things. Allegedly.
Similar Artists
Aristophanes, Mike Judge, Sam Kinison, Frank Zappa, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Monty Python, South Park, Firesign Theater, Marx Brothers, Wanda Sykes

Our art is cheaper than therapy, and based on the realization that making fun of politicians will get you less grief than just shooting the bastards.

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John McCain's Free Speech Zone


Busybodies Dog Food

Torturing a Terrorist for Fun and Profit

Ralph Vader's Safety NAZIs

Sexual Harassment 101

Re-Thinking Women's Suffrage

Milky Mommy Tits (Hillary Mix)

Pre-Born Therapy

Pre-Born Meets the One-Eyed Monster

He's Not Lisa

John McCain's Free Speech Zone

Dirty Words

1 900 F BARNEY

Cuckoldable Jews

Dubya Apologizes to China

The Bush-Gore Truth Serum Debate     remember, Al Gore loves you


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