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Stringean as the Scarecrow of Kornfield County - a prisoner in a country cornfield


Kornfield County scarecrow Dave Akeman


Stringbean on Hee Haw


Dave Stringbean Akeman picture


Stringbean - Dave Akeman on Hee Haw




"There'll Be Moonshine in Them Old Kentucky Hills" 

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Free Stringbean MP3 downloads:

"There'll Be Moonshine in Them Old Kentucky Hills"

"Give Me Back My Five Dollars"  (my favorite Stringbean)

"I'm the Man That Rode the Mule Around the World"  I'm particularly amused by the epistemology underlying this song.  The narrator offers to prove his claims by beating up anyone who doubts his wild stories.

"Liza Jane"

"Chewin' Chewing Gum"

"Run Little Rabbit"

"Bully of the Town"

"Stringbean and His Banjo"

"Barnyard Banjo Pickin'"

"Old Cumberland Gap"

"Mountain Dew"

"John Henry"

"Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy"

"Here, Rattler, Here"

"Pretty Little Widder"

"Tennessee Farmer"

"Banjo Pickin' Girl"

"How Many Biscuits Can You Eat?"

"Pretty Polly"

"Hey Old Man, Can You Play a Banjo?"



LITTLE LIZA JANE - vintage 1950s performance video

PRETTY LITTLE WIDOW from the Porter Wagoner show


WFMU Stringbean bio



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