Vic Mackey killing Terri Crowley in the pilot of The Shield    dead snitch Terry Crowley on The Shield  Benito Martinez as David Aceveda on The Shield    Kenny Johnson as Curtis Lemansky Jay Karnes as Detective Dutch Wagenbach  man rape with Benito Martinez as Capt David Aceveda on The Shield  CCH Pounder as Claudette Wyms on The Shield  Michael Jace as Julien Lowe on The Shield      Ronnie Gardocki on The Shield   Vic Mackey killing brother officer Terry Crowley  Walt Goggins as Shane Vendrell on The Shield Catherine Dent as Danielle Sofer on The Shield


The Shield Picture Galleries

"TAR BABY"  IMAGE GALLERY 30 page layout on this critical fourth season episode with Anthony Anderson and Glenn Close

The Shield Season 5 Photos  2  3  4


Click on these thumbnails to get the full sized picture.  The captions come straight from the subtitles on the DVD.  You probably can't read most of them very well on the thumbnails, but look at the file name as you rollover them.  That should give you a better clue.

Picture Gallery 1 (A - C)

Picture Gallery 2 (D - E)

Picture Gallery 3 (F - J)

Picture Gallery 4 (K - V)

Picture Gallery 5 Vic Mackey, Exhibit A

Picture Gallery 6 Vic Mackey, Exhibit B



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