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Season 2, Episode 9 "Co-pilot"

In the second season of The Shield, they did a flashback episode.  Episode 9 "Co-pilot" was a prequel, going back 14 months in the timeline to just before the Barn opened, with scenes showing the very first time Mackey and Aceveda met, and the holy artifacts of the old church being removed from the building.  Mostly, the point of the episode is foreshadowing events and themes that would dominate the show later.  Particularly poignantly, this was a good chance to bring back Reed Diamond as Terry Crowley, the snitch cop that Mackey assassinated in the infamous pilot.

I'm creating this page specifically in response to reader requests for nude pictures of Kenny Johnson as Lemonhead.  Near the end of the episode, there's a brief scene in the locker room with just a couple of seconds of Curtis Lemansky's naked butt.  The point of this whole scene is the silent reaction of rookie officer Julien Lowe, completing his first day on the job.  As a sexually disinterested hetero, editing the images I got more aesthetically out of the nude form of Michael Jace as Julien Lowe.  As Mike Myers might say, Michael Jace is a handsome man.

The whole point of the scene is foreshadowing Julien's gay theme.  In just a few seconds and with no words, they get the Christian theme (from the cross hanging around his neck), with flickering images of lust and longing as he gazes at Lemonhead's naked backside, then disgust with himself and guilt as he closes his eyes and turns away from the alluring flesh and hangs his head in shame. 

Kenny Johnson as Detective Curtis "Lemonhead" Lemansky on The Shield


nude image of Michael Jace as Julien Lowe on The Shield


Lemonhead losing his towel in the locker room


Kenny Johnson's naked butt on The Shield


Detective Curtis Lemansky nude image


nude image of Kenny Johnson as Detective Curtis Lemansky on The Shield


Michael Jace as officer Julien Lowe


Julien Lowe looks longingly at Detective Lemansky's naked butt


Julien Lowe's eyes are heavy with longing


Michael Jace as guilt ridden gay officer Julien Lowe on The Shield


Julien Lowe feels guilty


Julien Lowe hangs his head in shame

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