COMMENTS: Kind of hard to fathom now, but this record was considered very controversial, even for many years afterward. The charge was religious blasphemy. The song is basically testifying in basic black gospel style - with a secular lyric, nay a salacious secular lyric. Ray's seen the glory, and he's singing ecstatic praises.

He's testifying to the glory not of the lord, though, but that of some slut across town. It's bad enough to glorify such activity in song, but to present it as if such consortion was a religious experience! In these latter, more pagan influenced days, we would recognize this as old fashioned goddess worship (see "Little Wing"), but was just positively bad in the eyes of decent, right thinking African-Americans.

Anyway, this bitch rocks, and Brother Ray is all over the scales, but totally in control. He can jump an octave at the drop of a hat, and come right back into scale on the next beat! He can leap tall buildings in a single bound! Ray rules!

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