Stew- The Negro Problem Incarnate

Mark Stewart aka Stew aka The Negro Problem

Stew, who sometimes records under the name The Negro Problem, is one of the most skillful professional pop song craftsmen working today.  He's not so far had a big radio hit, but as he says of an ex-girlfriend's band in "Re-hab," they love him at the weeklies.  He's well reviewed, but a kudos from Rolling Stone and two bucks will get you a cup of coffee.  On the other hand, he had a song commissioned for a November 2005 episode of Spongebob, a thing called "Gary's Song."  Now that'll get you heard by a few million people.

Stew also composes custom commissioned "song portraits" as he sometimes refers to them.  Intrigued at the possibility of having the author of "Bleed" write me a song, I commissioned a song from Stew as a public tribute to my godson's Mama.  My beloved Annie Oakley and I are both totally pleased with what Stew produced, and of course I'm pleased to offer free downloads of the song.  

"The Big Game" by Stew - FREE DOWNLOAD

My other favorite Stew joint:


DOWNLOAD: Pastry Shop  An excellent melody informing a particularly good and understated anti-war sentiment

DOWNLOAD: Black Men Ski An outstanding arty pop song



and my other favoritist Stew joint:

Stew, The Negro Problem incarnate, is one of the best songwriters working today. The guy's a real composer with, like, melodies and such. This particular cut from his first solo album in 2000 sounds really sweet, with a pretty melody rolling along.

Whoopi Goldberg wearing a t-shirt for the Passing Strange musicalThe tune is a spoonful of sugar, though, for a gently stated but tough judgment of a girlfriend in re-hab for the 22nd time. The coldest part is the key hook, a children's chorus singing "very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very optimistic." Don't worry there's enough melody to carry the verys.

PS: The album Guest Host from which this came was chosen as "Album of the Year" by Entertainment Weekly.


Passing Strange  - Stew's stage play

Poison of the Sea by Patria Jacobs - a Stew protege


Holla Back!

Stew-The Negro Problem Incarnate

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