Songs to Kill Your Woman By CD Mix

Posted by Al Barger on January 15, 2005 10:36 PM

HUMOR DISCLAIMER: I do NOT endorse killing your woman. It is unethical, immoral and against the law in many jurisdictions. Don't do it. Thank you.

That said, don't you hate a long, crappy breakup? I know I do. Wouldn't you just love to cut off all the whining and recriminations and such? It CAN be done.

Here we have my CD mix disc of the ultimate OJ breakup songs-


"Excitable Boy" Warren Zevon
"I Used to Love Her" Guns n Roses
"Delia's Gone" Johnny Cash
"Psycho" Elvis Costello
"The Cold Hard Facts of Life" Porter Wagoner
"Women's Prison" Loretta Lynn
"It'll Be Me" Jerry Lee Lewis
"Red Headed Stranger" Willie Nelson
"Hey Joe" Jimi Hendrix
"Hey Joe" The Byrds
"The Name of This Thing Is Not Love" Elvis Costello
"Run for Your Life" The Beatles
"30 Days" Chuck Berry "I'm giving you 30 days to get back home" or else what, exactly?
"Smoking Gun" Robert Cray
"'97 Bonnie and Clyde" Eminem
"Kim" Eminem
"Kill You" Eminem
"Stan" Eminem
"Tom Dooley" Kingston Trio
"Behind the Wall" Tracy Chapman
"Did She Jump or Was She Pushed?" Richard and Linda Thompson
"Time of the Preacher Theme" Willie Nelson
"Knoxville Girl" Louvin Brothers
"Pretty Polly" Sandy Denny
"Goodnight Irene" Leadbelly

People make such a big, heavy deal of one little killing. Start by lightening up with the childhood whimsy of Warren Zevon, the "Excitable Boy."

Not entirely surprisingly, Eminem comes up dominant in the songs-to-kill-your-woman-by sweepstakes. Of course, there's the classic "'97 Bonnie and Clyde" and the near unbearable brutality of "Kim." Also though, there's his career musical high point, "Kill You." Admittedly, this represents rather a shotgun approach, as he's set to kill pretty much everyone, but he starts with his "slut."

Then, of course, there's poor, confused "Stan." Unlike Scott Peterson, though, he went down with the ship. We should, then, count it as a mitigating factor in his defense that Stan did us all a significant favor by cleaning up his corner of the gene pool.

Naturally, you're also going to get plenty of good country songs. You gots to get Johnny Cash and ol' Porter up in the mix. Elvis Costello made one of his best performances from the old, obscure country freakin' of "Psycho."

Hastening to avoid charges of sexism, note that I include one for the ladies: "Women's Prison" by Loretta Lynn.

Couldn't pick just one version of "Hey Joe." You have to recognize the Hendrix genius, but I've always somewhat preferred the lesser known Byrds version.

Then absolutely there's Jerry Lee Lewis. Seems like with the two dead wives, he's got to come up with an entry. Of course, those who do don't have to brag on it.

Thus, I don't see any obvious Jerry Lee songs about murdering your woman, other than perhaps some cover of "Goodnight Irene." On the other hand, it's imprinted in deep relief in the very aggressive stalker grain of "It'll Be Me."

I'd really love to hear Jerry Lee sing "Every Breath You Take." That'd make my mix, but the standard Police version doesn't quite. The stalker obsession thing goes that way, but Sting's too big a wuss to actually whack the girl- no matter how bad she deserves it. Sting talks a good talk, but you can't believe he'd really do it.

The Kingston Trio edited the traditional folk lyric "Killed poor Laura Foster, don't you know you're bound to die" when they recorded Tom Dooley, but that's why the poor boy was bound to die. Poor old Tom. I mostly think of the Louvin brothers as highly religious, but they did a nice recording of the traditional "Knoxville Girl." Sandy Denny rounds the folkies out with the English folk "Pretty Polly."

The preachiness of Tracy Chapman's nonetheless very good song contrasts notably with the more traditional folk songs. Slipped in a little more Red Headed Stranger, cause Willie's folk music if Tracy Chapman is.

Closing the folk section and our survey, you really have to go gently into that good night with Leadbelly. "Goodnight Irene" comes so sweet that most listeners might miss the point. Yet there it is.

Thank you dear, and have a good night.


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