O Brother, Where Art Thou?


               A PACKARD
               It is pulling up in front of a town hall from which party 
               sounds filter out.
               Pappy O'Daniel emerges from the car with his retinue - Eckard, 
               Spivey and Junior.
                         I'm sayin' we har this man away.
                         Assa good idea, Pappy.
                         Helluva idea.
                         Cain't beat 'em, join 'em.
                         Have him join us, run our campaign 
                         'stead a that pencil-neck's.
                         Enticements a power, wealth, settera.
                         No one says no to Pappy O'Daniel.
                         Oh gracious no. Not with his 
                         Powas p'suasion.
                         What's his name again?
                         Campaign manager? Waldrip.
                         Vernon Waldrip.
                         Vernon T. Waldrip.
                         Hmm... His folks from out Tuscarora?
                         Tuscarora? Might be. I b'lieve they 
                         Not a doubt in my mind.
               Pappy is disgusted:
                         You don't know where his goddamn 
                         folks from; you speakin' outcha 
                         Well now Pappy I wouldn't put it 
                         that strong...
               As the three men make their way up the steps, Eckard's voice 
               is fading:
                         ...but p'haps yaw right...
               In wide shot, they disappear into the building.
               A reverse shows the wide shot to have been the point-of-view 
               of Everett, Pete, Delmar and Tommy, who peek out from the 
               mouth of an alley. Everett hisses his intelligence:
                         Well, it's a invitation-only affair; 
                         we'll have to sneak in through the 
                         service entrance-
                         Wait a minute - who elected you leader 
                         a this outfit? Since we been followin' 
                         your lead we got nothin' but trouble! 
                         I gotten this close to bein' strung 
                         up, n'consumed in a fire, 'n whipped 
                         no end, 'n sunstroked, 'n soggied -
                         'N turned into a frog -
                         He was never turned into a frog!
               Delmar sulks:
                         Almost loved up though.
               Everett is stunned.
                         So you're against me now, too!... Is 
                         that how it is, boys?
               Silence. No one wants to meet Everett's eye. He is saddened.
                         The whole world and God Almighty... 
                         and now you. Well, maybe I deserve 
                         this. Boys, I... I know I've made 
                         some tactical mistakes. But if you'll 
                         just stick with me; I need your help. 
                         And I've got a plan.  Believe me, 
                         boys, we can fix this thing! I can 
                         get my wife back! We can get outta 
               Headlights play; the men suck back into the alley as a car 
               passes by.
               The car tools up to the banquet hall and Homer Stokes emerges 
               with his midget. The midget tosses his balled-up white hood 
               into the car and both men shrug into their suitcoats.
               Stokes is angry:
                         ...goddamn disgrace. Made a travesty 
                         of the entire evenin'...
               They too start up the stairs. Stokes's pace is brisk and the 
               midget hops awkwardly to keep up.
                         ...what I wouldn't give to get my 
                         hands on those agitators. Whoever 
                         heard a such behavior. Even among 
                         culluds. Or mulattos, maybe - I 
                         suspect some miscegenation in their 
                         heritage... how else you goin' explain 
                         it - usin' the Confed'it flag as a 
               Everett, Pete, Delmar and Tommy are entering through the 
               back door. The blackface has been scrubbed off but all four 
               now wear long gray beards as disguise, clumsily affixed with 
               spirit gum. Each is carrying a musical-instrument case.
               They elbow past the bustling kitchen help.
                         Scuse me... scuse me... we're the 
                         next act...
                         Everett, my beard itches.
                         This is crazy. No one's ever gonna 
                         believe we're a real band.
                         No, this is gonna work! I just gotta 
                         get close enough to talk to her. 
                         Takin' off with us is got a lot more 
                         future in it than marrying a guy 
                         named Waldrip.  I'm goddamn bona 
                         fide. I've got the answers!
               HEAD TABLE
               Out in the banquet hall Penny and Waldrip sit side-by-side 
               at the head table, surrounded by the Wharvey gals. Penny and 
               Waldrip are facing the hall with their backs to the stage as 
               the four bearded band members - Everett, Pete, Delmar and 
               Tommy - take their places.
               Pappy O'Daniel stands by Waldrip's chair with an arm draped 
               over his shoulder, leaning in to murmur confidentially.  
               Waldrip sits stiffly erect as he listens, frowning at a spot 
               in space.
               Suddenly Waldrip erupts:
                         Well that's a improper suggestion!  
                         I can't switch sides in the middle 
                         of a campaign!  Especially to work 
                         for a man who lacks moral fibre!
                         Moral fibre?!
               He waves his cane, outraged.
                         You pasty-faced sonofabitch, I 
                         invented moral fibre!
               Up on the stage, the band has launched into a song.
                         Pappy O'Daniel was displayin' 
                         rectitude and high-mindedness when 
                         that pencil-neck you work for was 
                         still messin' his drawers!
               A hissed Voice:
                         Psst! Penny! Hey! Up here!
               As the two men continue to exchange sharp words, penny turns 
               her head to look steeply up over her shoulder.
               Everett is up onstage just behind her. As the rest of the 
               band continues to play, he is parting his beard to hiss down 
               at her:
                         Penny! It's me!
               Dismayed, she shakes her head and tries to unobtrusively 
               wave him away. He is undeterred:
                         No, Penny, listen! We're leavin' the 
                         state! Pusuin' opportunities in 
                         another venue! I got big plans! Not 
                         minstrelsy; this-here's just a dodge - 
                         I'm gonna be a dentist! I know a guy 
                         who'll print me up a license! I wanna 
                         be what you want me to be, honey! I 
                         want you and the gals to come with 
               She shakes her head vigorously and looks down at her plate 
               as Everett continues pleading to her back:
                         They're my daughters, Penny! I'm the 
                         king a this goddamn castle!
               Stokes has ambled up to the head table.
                         What're you doin' here, Pappy? I 
                         guess someone let on there was free 
                         liquor, heh-heh.
                         Yeah, you'll be laughin' out the 
                         other side your face come November.
                         Pappy O'Daniel be laughing' then.
                         Not out the other side his face, 
                         Oh no, no, just the reg'la side -
               This byplay is interrupted by a roar from the crowd.
               The band has launched into 'Man of Constant Sorrow', 
               precipitating the huge reaction. Everett, still trying to 
               get Penny's attention, looks up, stunned at the ovation.
               Cry from the crowd:
                         Hot damn! Itsa Soggy Bottom Boys!
               Everett and the boys, still singing, exchange bemused looks. 
               A shrug, and they lean into the song with a will.
               Everett performs an impromptu buck-and-wing, bringing the 
               crowd to new heights of hysteria.
                         Holy-moly. These boys're a hit!
                         But Pappy, they's inter-grated.
                         Well I guess folks don't mind they's 
               Stokes is also staring at the band, frowning. He murmurs to 
                         Wait a minute...
               Everett catches Stokes' look. The two men look at each other, 
               Stokes raises his voice accusingly:
                         ...you's miscegenated! All you boys!  
               Everett raises the volume of his singing. Stokes cries out:
                         Get me a mike-a-phone!
               A mike is thrust into his hand and he bellows into it, 
               overwhelming the music, which the boys eventually abandon. 
               Stokes continues bellowing into the silence:
                         These boys is not white! These boys 
                         is not white! Hell, they ain't even 
                         ol'-timey! I happen to know, ladies'n 
                         gentlemen, this band a miscreants 
                         here, this very evening, they 
                         interfered with a lynch mob inna 
                         performance of its duties!
               The crowd stares at him, stone-faced. Stokes plows on:
                         It's true! I b'long to a certain 
                         society, I don't believe I gotta 
                         mention its name, heh-heh...
               Nobody joins in the laugh; Stokes slowly strangles on it.
                         ...Ahem. And these boys here trampled 
                         all over our venerated observances 
                         an' rich'ls!  Now this-here music is 
                         over! I aim to -
               Boos start up among the crowd.
                         I aim to hand these boys over to - 
                         listen to me, folks!
               The boos are growing in volume. There are cries of 'More 
               music!' and even one 'Shut up, pencil-neck!'
                         Listen to me! These boys desecrated 
                         a fiery cross!
               More boos. Waldrip approaches and nudges the microphone away 
               to murmur confidentially in Stokes' ear. Stokes excitedly 
               retrieves the mike and struggles to be heard:
                         And they convicts! Fugitives, folks, 
                         escaped off the farm!
               This cuts no ice; the boos have become overwhelming.
                         Folks, these boys gotta be remanded 
                         the 'thorities! Criminals! And I 
                         happen to have it from the highest 
                         authority that that Neegra sold his 
                         soul to the devil!
               He is hit by a tomato.
               The boos are deafening; the Soggy Bottom Boys, sensing 
               opportunity, launch back into the interrupted verse of 'Man 
               of Constant Sorrow'. The boos become wild cheers.
               Stokes is being pelted by foodstuffs. Shielding himself with 
               one arm, he bellows into the mike:
                         Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Is you 
                         is or is you ain't my constichency?
               INT. RUSTIC CABIN
               Far up some sleepy holler. An old man in overalls and his 
               wife sit hunched before a crystal set, listening to the tinny 
               voice. They look at each other wordlessly, look back at the 
               crystal set.
               BACK TO BANQUET HALL
               Stokes is almost drowned out by the music as his midget looks 
               apprehensively on.
                         Is you is or is you ain't -
               A disgruntled audience member yanks out the microphone plug; 
               Stokes continues to mouth the inaudible words.
               Pappy is considering the crowd.
                         Goddamn! Oppitunity knocks!
               He starts clambering up onto the stage.
               Two men advance through the clapping audience holding high 
               either end of an eight-foot rail. When they reach Stokes, 
               other audience members help load him onto the rail.
               Onstage, Pappy claps along with the audience.
               As they play, the band members fearfully eye Pappy, who 
               advances on them.
               Pappy joyfully shakes his fat ass in time to the music and 
               does a little two-step. The audience roars. The band relaxes, 
               performing with even more gusto.
               Stokes is being through the crowd on the rail, jeered at and 
               pelted with comestibles until he bangs out the exit.
               As the songs rolls into its big finish the audience roars 
               approval, and Pappy elbows in to the microphone, beaming.
                         That's fine, that's fine!...
               He drops one arm around Everett, the other around Delmar.
                         ...Ladies'n gentlemens here and 
                         listenin' at home, the great state 
                         of Mississippi (Pappy O'Daniel, 
                         Gov'nor) thanks the Soggy Bottom 
                         Boys for that won-a-ful performance!
                         Now it looks like the only man in 
                         our great state who ain't a music 
                         luvva, is my esteemed opponent in 
                         the upcomin', Homer Stokes -
                         Yeah, well, they ain't no accountin' 
                         f'taste. It sounded t'me like he 
                         harbored some kind a hateful grudge 
                         against the Soggy Bottom Boys on 
                         account a their rough'n rowdy past.
                         Sounds like Homer Stokes is the kinda 
                         fella gonna cast the first stone!
                         Well I'm with you folks. I'm a f'give 
                         and f'get Christian. And I say, well, 
                         if their rambunctiousness and 
                         misdemeanorin' is behind 'em - It 
                         is, ain't it, boys?
               Everett hesitates, not sure where this is going.
                         Sure is, Governor.
                         Why then I say, by the par vested in 
                         me, these boys is hereby pardoned!
               Loud cheers prod Pappy to another level of inspiration:
                         And furthermore, in the second Pappy 
                         O'Daniel administration, why, these 
                         boys - is gonna be my brain trust!
               Raucous cheers.
               The band beams, but Delmar leans into Everett, worried:
                         What sat mean exactly, Everett?
                         Well, you'n me'n Pete'n Tommy are 
                         gonna be the power behind the throne 
                         so to speak.
                         Oh, okay.
                         So now, without further ado, and by 
                         way of endorsin' my candidacy, the 
                         Soggy Bottom Boys is gonna lead us 
                         all in a chorus of 'You Are My 
                         Sunshine' - ain't ya, boys?
               He gives Everett a meaningful look, which Everett holds for 
               a considering beat.
                         ...Governor - that's one of our 
               Pappy returns a considered appraisal:
                         Son, you gonna go far.
               The song begins.



the governor and his brain trust

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JR Home, Brian Reddy and Charles Durning photo


John Turturro, George Clooney, Chris Thomas King and Tim Blake Nelson


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George Clooney is a handsome man


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