During the second season of The Boondocks in 2007, they made an episode called "The Hunger Strike."  Young Huey Freeman quit eating to protest the existence of Black Entertainment Television.  Aaron McGruder has a special longstanding beef with the network.  His version of Martin Luther King described BET as "the worst thing I've ever seen in my life."  Huey declared that he wouldn't eat until the network was shut down, and the top executives committed ritual suicide as atonement for their sins.

Rollo Goodlove on The BoondocksHe was joined in his protest (but most definitely not the hunger strike part) by the good Rev Rollo Goodlove.  Goodlove is a nominal preacher - though that's barely mentioned, but mostly an activist, talk show host, presidential candidate and surprisingly good singer.

His outstanding singing is far less surprising however when you realize that the voice of Goodlove is provided by Cee Lo of Gnarls Barkley aka Thomas Callaway, officially credited here as Decarlo "Cee Lo" Callaway.  He performs "Go Go Gadget Gospel" (the first song from the first Gnarls Barkley album) to whip up the crowd.

Eventually, of course, the opportunistic activist sells Huey out.  Considering that the big fat fake black preacher charlatan is clearly a doppleganger for the infamous Al Sharpton, they really took it fairly easy on him.  Goodlove is opportunistic and likes living very high on the hog and visiting strip clubs.  But they didn't give him any of the wicked malice of the real Sharpton (or Jesse Jackson). 

This episode was never broadcast.  After passing all levels of script review during production and such, the Cartoon Network at the last minute eventually refused to broadcast the episode under legal threats apparently from the specific BET executives satirized in the episode.  McGruder was able to eventually slip this episode out to the public in the season two DVDs. 

Note the bonus audio commentary track on the DVD.  It really adds to the fun, as McGruder et all spend most of the show talking about the banning of the show, and the legal threats.  It's not very informative as to the specific threats, as they were forbidden by Sony and various network lawyers from substantively saying anything - even just who specifically was threatening them.  But they were clearly enjoying having so thoroughly corralled the goats of these BET jackasses.  Plus, as they point out, the real life BET execs perfectly validated their criticisms.  Like their animated counterparts, they were on a mission to silence Huey Freeman.  They didn't quite get the job done.





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