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December 05, 2007


A Mighty Wind Movie Review, Cast, Credits, and Photo Gallery
The more I watch the Christopher Guest movie A Mighty Wind, the more impressed I am with it on multiple levels. More than anything though, I guess I'd have to say I'm in love with Catherine O'Hara. Well, actually I like Catherine O'Hara pretty much - she's an under appreciated actress. But I'm pretty much in love with Mickey Crabbe. She makes for a distressingly age appropriate object of affection for me, but what can I do?

Anyway, I've got a groovy little section of photos and reviews for the movie.
Catherine O'Hara in A Mighty Wind

Eugene Levy's calling it quits

Mitch and Mickey's kiss at the end of the rainbow

"A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow" 2003 Record of the Year

Mickey and Mitch Pictures, page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Here are cast and credit listings for A Mighty Wind from TV Guide:
TV Guide Review
Message Board
Academy Award Nominee: Best Original Song - "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow"; Michael McKean; Annette O'Toole

Bob Balaban: Jonathan Steinbloom
Ed Begley Jr.: Lars Olfen
Jennifer Coolidge: Amber Cole
Paul Dooley: George Menschell
Christopher Guest: Alan Barrows
John Michael Higgins: Terry Bohner
Michael Hitchcock: Lawrence E. Turpin
Don Lake: Elliott Steinbloom
Eugene Levy: Mitch Cohen
Jane Lynch: Laurie Bohner
Michael McKean: Jerry Palter
Larry Miller: Wally Fenton
Christopher Moynihan: Sean Halloran
Catherine O'Hara: Mickey Crabbe
Jim Piddick: Leonard Crabbe
Parker Posey: Sissy Knox
Harry Shearer: Mark Shubb
Deborah Theaker: Naomi Steinbloom
Fred Willard: Mike LaFontaine
Jim Moret: Newscaster
Stuart Luce: Irving Steinbloom
Mary Gross: Ma Klapper
Marty Belasky: Ramblin' Sandy Pitnik
Michael Baser: Pa Klapper
Jared Nelson Smith: Young Chuck Wiseman
Ryan Raddatz: Bill Weyburn
Todd Lieberman: Fred Knox
Matthew Joy: Boy Klapper
Laura Harris: Girl Klapper
Brian Riley: Young George Menschell
Rachael Harris: Steinbloom's Assistant
Tyler Forsberg: Young Jonathan Steinbloom
Jim Ortlieb: David Kantor
Andrew Dickler: 1971 Dell Wiseman
Thom Lowry: 1971 Howard Wiseman
Keva Rosenfeld: 1971 Chuck Wiseman
Brian Allen: 1960s Mitch & Mickey Bass
Danny Merritt: 1960s Mitch & Mickey Guitar
Paul Benedict: Martin Berg
Floyd Vanbuskirk: Steve Lang
David Blasucci: Tony Pollono
Patrick Sauber: Jerald Smithers
Steve Pandis: Johnny Athenakis
Mark Nonisa: Mike Maryama
Cameron Sprague: Young Terry Bohner
Leshay Tomlinson: Steinbloom's Secretary
Mina Kolb: Dr. Mildred Wickes
Wendel Meldrum: Witch #1
Diane Delano: Witch #2
James Jennewein: Witch #3
Richard Hicks: Witch #4
Michael Mantell: Deputy Mayor
Bill Cobbs: Blues Musician
Freda Foh Shen: Melinda Barrows
Darlene Kardon: Shirley Steinbloom
Scott Williamson: PBN TV Director
Joe Godfrey: Mitch & Mickey Bass
Bruce Gaitsch: Mitch & Mickey Guitar
Diane Baker: Supreme Folk Defense Lawyer

Christopher Guest: Director
Christopher Guest: Writer
Eugene Levy: Writer
Karen Murphy: Producer
Arlene Donnelly Nelson: Cinematographer
Robert Leighton: Editor
Jeffrey C.J. Vanston: Musical Composer
Joseph T. Garrity: Production Designer
Pat Tagliaferro: Art Director
Dena Roth: Set Decorator
Durinda Wood: Costumes
Richard Hicks: Casting
Christopher Walkowiak: Special Effects
Christopher Guest: Music/Lyrics Composer
John Michael Higgins: Music/Lyrics Composer
Eugene Levy: Music/Lyrics Composer
Michael McKean: Music/Lyrics Composer
Catherine O'Hara: Music/Lyrics Composer
Annette O'Toole: Music/Lyrics Composer
Harry Shearer: Music/Lyrics Composer
Jeffery C.J. Vanston: Music/Lyrics Composer
Mark Weingarten: Sound
Kate Shorter: Make Up
Mark Warrack: Stunts

posted by Al at 12/05/2007 09:20:00 PM

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